How to get food in the Aeolian Islands

How to get food in the Aeolian Islands

How to get food? Who is just starting out is likely to be in trouble or unprepared in view of an activity, that is less simple than you could imagine: this is why it is worth taking into account some tips that can be useful in every circumstance.

How to get food in the Aeolian Islands

How to get food

The first suggestion is to carefully evaluate the available spaces: especially if they are limited, it is essential to adapt and give up too rich banquets. In short, it makes no sense to overturn your life: which means, for example, to prepare especially cold meals, whether cooked in advance or collected directly in the galley. When questioning what to bring on board, it is good to keep in mind that it makes no sense to be standing over the stoves during the journey: the danger of dirtying or overturning everything is quite concrete. Better to rely on canned goods, the true ally of every galley: a reserve you can always rely on. From canned tuna to ready made sauces, from rice to pasta, it may be useful to draw up a short list of the stock that can never be lacking, and which should also include all the collateral products that not always are taken into account: for example it is the case of sugar and salt, but also olive oil.

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Still, it is good not to give up crackers, breadsticks and rusks: excellent substitutes for fresh bread, unless if you are not used to taste dry bread. In short, these are practical foods, not requiring any preparation and that, moreover, are essential even in case of a temporary seasickness: in fact, everything dry is perfect if you are sick. And if you want to indulge occasionally, you can choose cheese, favoring parmesan, pecorino or the most seasoned ones.
Drinks and tableware
When getting food, we cannot forget drinking: indeed, if possible, drinking is even more important than food. From fruit juices to milk, from beers to mineral water, you’re inhibited, maybe taking advantage of the hidden compartments of the boat. It’s worth using the peaks to the full. Regarding tableware, it is always useful to have plastic cutlery and paper glasses and plates: maybe disposable solutions are not the most environmentally friendly, but they can be important in an emergency, for example when it is not possible to drink the water in the tank. In fact, if you do not have a mooring at the port, you should always save water.

Come fare cambusa alle Eolie

Perishable foods

Do perishable foods get along with life at sea? Yes, but provided that these foods can last no more than two or three days. It makes no sense to make excessive stocks of food to be consumed in a short period of time, also because each port has a store or a small supermarket, without forgetting the pleasure to buy fresh fish, especially when it is just fished.
(Black sands of Vulcano- make reference to the photo)

Where getting food in the Aeolian Islands

Sapori & Dintorni, a sales point located just 150 meters away from the island of Vulcano can be useful to get food in the Aeolian Islands. Customers can choose between a wide selection of products, with all kinds of drinks and fine wines, but also typical local products and a gastronomy department that includes a very varied daily menu. Furthermore, there is the possibility to use the galley service on board. The store is within walking distance from the port and offers the highest quality standards, with the traditional Aeolian specialties according to the philosophy of slow food.

Come fare cambusa alle Eolie
(Sapori & Dintorni Conad of Vulcano- make reference to the photo)

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