Aeolian flavors: the triumph of excellence and the pleasure of taste

Aeolian flavors: the triumph of excellence and the pleasure of taste

Using raw materials from Sicily makes our products exclusive, tasty and particularly suitable for those who want to have a genuine, original and appetizing lunch.
Our philosophy is based on the pleasure of taste and tradition: we want to make a stand, in other words, against fast, pre-packaged and unhealthy food.

Sapori Eolie: no to junk food, welcome excellence!

Thanks to a wide selection of typical products of the Sicilian tradition, our store gives its customers the opportunity to taste the authentic flavours of Sicily and in particular of the Aeolian archipelago.

Sapori&Dintorni Conad

Sapori&Dintorni Conad, in short, will give you the opportunity to finally say goodbye to junk food and to enjoy Sicily’s food and wine excellence in a relaxing and quiet atmosphere.

Vulcano: the slow-time island


In Vulcano time goes by very slowly: those who are spending their holiday on the island only need to relax, follow the rhythm of nature and feast their eyes on the varied beauty of the surrounding landscape. After swimming into the blue sea, plunging into the thermal mud and a going for a romantic sunset walk gazing at the gorgeous Mermaid Rock, your tummy will start rumbling at last!

So, what to eat?

Of course, only the best food! Here at Sapori&Dintorni Conad in Vulcano you will find everything you need to have a gourmet meal made with genuine ingredients. For example, what about a fresh pasta with the typical pesto of the island, tasting so intensely ‘volcanic’?

Or some croutons with delicious Aeolian zucchini or with salty pistachio cream? All washed down, of course, with a glass of DOC wine! But there’s no hurry: sit down and enjoy every single bite, because you are in Vulcano: the slow-time island, where you can relax, unwind and quietly enjoy life’s pleasures.

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